Norwegian Grammy Nomination
Sissy Wish is nominated for Best Female Artist at Spellemannprisen, the Norwegian Spilleautomate equivalent of the Grammy's. Spellemannprisen 2004 will be held on February26, 2005.

Nominee at Alarm!
You May Breathe has been nominated in the category The Newcomer Of The Year at Alarm. Visit Alarmweb.org to know more.

New album coming soon
Sissy releases her second album in March 2005. The album Tuning In is recorded at Gjøa Studio, where she recorded her debut album. The album is produced by The Sensible Twins; Kato Ådland and Hp Gundersen. The first single: About A Machine airs on Norwegian radio on January 2nd.

To make the days go around, Ive got to use them properly. To waste time on nothing makes me go nuts (unfortunately). To get on with stuff is sometimes really hard, even to make music. I can feel my fingers internett-casino.com/ start to move and my mind start to bubble as soon as I put on the stereo. Today Cocteau Twins saved me from the prison of sleep. Thank you Lars, for playing this beautiful music for me. Thanks to Half-gifts I can turn it off before its even finished, and continue working from where I quit earlier today. I will make the chorus sound right, and make the song good enough for the next album (to be recorded in November).

New material
I am ready with my new material in November, and I have booked Gjøa Studio this whole month to record my second album. It will be fantastic to start working in the studio again. I have really missed the team! The second album will probably be released in February next year. In the meantime Im using my time to Casumo er et rent nettcasino work on my stuff at home, or I play gigs and festivals with my band (which I am grateful for because they are fantastic!). I really hope to see you this summer!

The Quart Festival 2004
What a week! People everywhere jumping around in raincoats under a big, black sky. Pixies on Thursday was fantastic, except it rained a lot (but we forgot about it immediately after they entered the stage). Dont want to forget about Monday though. When we entered the stage the rain stopped, and the sun concentrated on keeping us warm. The bands that day got away with the bad weather, and we got shiny, happy people sitting on the green grass in front of us. Modest Mouse gave a brilliant show, and played tunes from their newest album (I really like it!). Morrissey really got away with it, oh yeah. I didnt expect him to play that many Smiths tunes, and lucky me I had a view like a king and a king beside me taking photos for me, from a distance of one single meter.

The Quart Festival 2004
Next Monday (the fifth of July) will be a big day, playing at the Quart Festival with Snow Patrol, Modest Mouse and Morrissey on the Bendiksbukta stage. Sissy Wish is on at five, and starts off the whole festival. From what Ive heard, the stage is even bigger than before. I hope I get a chance to meet up with Morrissey backstage, as I really like what he does. It would have been nice to meet one whose music I admire. Except from Monday the festival will be packed with bands all week. Peaches on Tuesday will be lots of fun, but thanks to Pixies on Thursday, I want to stay at the festival till it ends.

Lost Weekend
We play on the last day of the festival (the 7th of August), at 4:30pm on the big stage. Heidi Marie Vestrheim, Ephemera, Jim Stärk, WE, Surferosa and BigBang are also playing. It will be nice to see how it looks on the island where the festival is. Ive heard that Askøy (the name of the island, only twenty minutes from Bergen, and from where I live) is really nice, and that the Lost Weekend Festival is known as the most beautiful festival in Norway.
Lost Weekend

The Øya Festival Club, Parkteatret
Finally Im headed for Oslo. It´s been a while! More than 60 bands and artists will be performing at 22 different clubs on Wednesday, the 11th of August. With two more bands (El Corazon and The Brimstone Solar Radiation), we will try make this evening at Parkteatret unforgettable.

Hamar Music Festival 2004
The gig starts at 2:00pm at musikklosjen, on the 4th of September. This festival is very diverse, covering most of the musical genres. Amulet, DSound and Jan Eggum are also playing. It will be nice to play in Hamar, I dont usually spend much time there. Its a shame we have to leave right after the concert because of a gig at Café Con Bar in Oslo the same evening.
Hamar Music Festival